Beautifully chaotic mess.

one day the sun will shine on your balcony,the windows will have the curtains open and there you will smile and the morning , the time will all make sense

Your life indeed is an undeniable beautifully chaotic mess,

How beautiful it would be if people knew the happiness, if they knew what life is, only if they knew what  things they could make possible. But as always you and the world, who are known to things are always the ones who search for happiness, that hides right under your shelter.


(The emotionally drowned, secretly insecured and happily disappointed species.) 

                           “THEY HURT WHOM THEY LOVE THE MOST,


They like thrones but denies that  the flower can grow beautifully with the thrones,
confused ? Yes, because they like thrones, why ? Because  all u do is choose to get hurt, choose to be sad, hide happiness and enjoy grief in oneself, you choose the locked doors and closed curtains  and sometimes you even hate the fact that there is  still tomorrow.
you hurt yourself, not because you let the flower bloom without the thrones,but because   you like thrones.
But why and when will you stop and look for the good? when will you live a optimistic life, its not about when  and how you choose, its about what you choose,
will you choose to bloom ?


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