Our incredulity makes or life a mess..


People now have becomes machines, that enjoys to stay busy between the steels and magnets, they have become rusted and are doomed by the world, all they see is selfish humans whom they call cruel monsters, deeply fallen for the worldly passion, they have become ruthless knives that stabs  hypocrisy.

 But in that process they forget,
Things that makes life, things that keeps them alive,
” The sun’s reflection on your face is the warmest hug you can ever receive, the sunset makes the valueless time to be relived for few more seconds.To run during a mid-night in an open field as if  you’re  running away from all the bad deeds, and past memories that has been haunting  you till today, to see the stars that shines so bright. To feel the hills on your shoulder, it makes your life beautiful as it seems.

But all we care is the time that passes by and the things that lay unsettled and hidden.
we are all here preparing ourselves for a better tomorrow.We fall, we stumble,we get back again, we do everything that does not stop us, but we do nothing to keep us going either. In this competition of making things possible we lose the possibility of happiness, our thoughts are lost and so are we.



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