It’s Okay, You’ll be fine.

It's okay, you'll be fine

To all those,
who haven’t slept for a while,who had forgotten the healing power of a Smile
to the life you repent, to the soul you hurt,
you’re broken pieces will scatter afar,
far away from you

Let them fly and never come back,
let them wander and never be found,
For you, you are the roots to the beautiful you, you grow beautifully every season

You have a soul of fire,
Let it ignite,the joys of living
you ‘re a masterpiece, to the world for eternity.
Not a single word can hurt you nor a past can haunt you,
For your life that has been treasured more than a diamond, let it shine forever.

Remember, you can make things possible, you are a beautiful art, it’s just that you need to rejoice every single color .There are certain times when you feel confused or when you  do not  know where life is taking you, stop for a while breathe and know who you are. It is very important to find yourself,  and most importantly to know your worth.
You are a human after all, you were granted with feelings and emotions.

You can always live and be happy,
you can always hide and be found,



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