It’s Been a while…


It’s been a while, happiness. You don’t seem to cross my path, i have been patiently waiting since forever, you don’t seem to grant the good old rays of the ridiculously legit smile. Therefore, i hereby disappointingly expect me to go five by five as always and yes, it has been a while since that anticipation,

It has been a while, happiness
                         please drop by whenever you feel like,

Sadness, the disappointed bent, on that dejected smile. You seem to like me more, you tend to demand the pain to be felt,you tend to shatter my heart and cover my smile, zipping my interminable laugh.

Sadness therefore, it’s been a while you stayed, 
                   please pack your  pains and leave next time,

Hence, the genuine incomprehensible feelings of high and low, where have you been i suppose ?
so these melancholy and confusion, its not that i deny feelings at a time but i would prefer the amalgam, because i like the feeling anyway and that it to be felt.

Just like the piano, the dark and the white shade,
                               i prefer it to be played,



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