What i am made of..


Everything has made me stronger, there are 111 problems and overly assumed circumstances, where I no longer find myself well enough  to go up and above  finding an ultimate solution.

Yet i  go strong ,
yet i feel the strength and
yet i feel overly and disappointingly grateful for what i am made of.

These are the times when everything seems to be  nothing more than the stories that repeat, the stories unfolded, the stories  written in a crumbled paper.
Sometimes my knees feel weak, consciously aware that i can’t stand anymore but still things make me going, the entire universe in me makes me understand that there is still a ray of  hope, a  spark that leads my path ..
When pressure drowns me under, when every single thing lets me down,
the fire in me ignites, and that’s when i realize,
My path is tough,my journey in a nutshell is an accepted  and a rewarding struggle.

My hard work reflects miracles, and life wants to see me grow,
grow  into a strong independent self;
when things, people and situations disappoint me, or the world of hypocrites and negativity stabs me i know i  must not let these tiny things matter, because my roots are permanent, no storm so strong, can touch me.

This is the attitude i am made , and to this world, NO i am not changing,
For a while, i was lost accepting secondary options which had a tagline of temporary,

But now i know what i am made of;

Try to deal with the fire in me,
and feel yourself burning into ashes,
that did not destroy me,


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