Maybe True …

“Some things are never under your control, you either let go of things or the time will teach you to move on.” -Qualified lie that eases the feeling of denial.


It is indeed confusing for an 18 year old to learn the ethics of the generalizing society, that believes aesthetic pleasure rather than a genuine deed, because we grew up learning that people change with seasons like the flowers, that tend to bloom “under suitable condition”, while some are meant only for a season. Well in that case if you ask an 18 year old to plant their seeds, the world will show them the field that assures -Maybe Cultivable. While the barren land remains barren.

It is the society’s mindset that limits your creativity, it is the people’s stories that destroys your love, it is the ideology that sets boundaries, while you imagine big things, they show you impossibilities. Then you are there confused at life,confused in feelings, tagged emotions and with doubt in your thoughts, however you let it remain in you, while it destroys you, you still let it remain in you.
The regrets today you have aren’t only your regrets, they are also the blame you took to yourself because “You were tired”. And your assumption for tomorrow “You will be tired”.

“You measured your disability without running a mile, you judged your capability and hence you set limit to your ability.”

The beauty lies in doing and not proving, the beauty lies in appreciating and not in being appreciated. Challenge yourself  not the world that expects you to earn goodwill for them. Value your time while learning to understand things. Don’t be too busy to be understood. You see the time, how it manages to escape reality,  how it plays well and safe, since it perfectly portrays “The Cherish able yesterday” and “The awaited tomorrow”
Let it be, don’t live with a guilt of yesterday,don’t stress yourself for tomorrow, live for today, make today better. Learn a bit from yesterday and prepare a little more than a bit for tomorrow. Be happy a lot more,and find goodness in all the emotions, they are all meant to be felt.

Not everything is meant to be rejoiced,
                      Not everything happens for a reason,
                              Not every thesis proves the beauty of love,
                                       Be true to your heart, you soul and your mind.   


What i am made of..


Everything has made me stronger, there are 111 problems and overly assumed circumstances, where I no longer find myself well enough  to go up and above  finding an ultimate solution.

Yet i  go strong ,
yet i feel the strength and
yet i feel overly and disappointingly grateful for what i am made of.

These are the times when everything seems to be  nothing more than the stories that repeat, the stories unfolded, the stories  written in a crumbled paper.
Sometimes my knees feel weak, consciously aware that i can’t stand anymore but still things make me going, the entire universe in me makes me understand that there is still a ray of  hope, a  spark that leads my path ..
When pressure drowns me under, when every single thing lets me down,
the fire in me ignites, and that’s when i realize,
My path is tough,my journey in a nutshell is an accepted  and a rewarding struggle.

My hard work reflects miracles, and life wants to see me grow,
grow  into a strong independent self;
when things, people and situations disappoint me, or the world of hypocrites and negativity stabs me i know i  must not let these tiny things matter, because my roots are permanent, no storm so strong, can touch me.

This is the attitude i am made , and to this world, NO i am not changing,
For a while, i was lost accepting secondary options which had a tagline of temporary,

But now i know what i am made of;

Try to deal with the fire in me,
and feel yourself burning into ashes,
that did not destroy me,

It’s Been a while…


It’s been a while, happiness. You don’t seem to cross my path, i have been patiently waiting since forever, you don’t seem to grant the good old rays of the ridiculously legit smile. Therefore, i hereby disappointingly expect me to go five by five as always and yes, it has been a while since that anticipation,

It has been a while, happiness
                         please drop by whenever you feel like,

Sadness, the disappointed bent, on that dejected smile. You seem to like me more, you tend to demand the pain to be felt,you tend to shatter my heart and cover my smile, zipping my interminable laugh.

Sadness therefore, it’s been a while you stayed, 
                   please pack your  pains and leave next time,

Hence, the genuine incomprehensible feelings of high and low, where have you been i suppose ?
so these melancholy and confusion, its not that i deny feelings at a time but i would prefer the amalgam, because i like the feeling anyway and that it to be felt.

Just like the piano, the dark and the white shade,
                               i prefer it to be played,


It’s Okay, You’ll be fine.

It's okay, you'll be fine

To all those,
who haven’t slept for a while,who had forgotten the healing power of a Smile
to the life you repent, to the soul you hurt,
you’re broken pieces will scatter afar,
far away from you

Let them fly and never come back,
let them wander and never be found,
For you, you are the roots to the beautiful you, you grow beautifully every season

You have a soul of fire,
Let it ignite,the joys of living
you ‘re a masterpiece, to the world for eternity.
Not a single word can hurt you nor a past can haunt you,
For your life that has been treasured more than a diamond, let it shine forever.

Remember, you can make things possible, you are a beautiful art, it’s just that you need to rejoice every single color .There are certain times when you feel confused or when you  do not  know where life is taking you, stop for a while breathe and know who you are. It is very important to find yourself,  and most importantly to know your worth.
You are a human after all, you were granted with feelings and emotions.

You can always live and be happy,
you can always hide and be found,


Our incredulity makes or life a mess..


People now have becomes machines, that enjoys to stay busy between the steels and magnets, they have become rusted and are doomed by the world, all they see is selfish humans whom they call cruel monsters, deeply fallen for the worldly passion, they have become ruthless knives that stabs  hypocrisy.

 But in that process they forget,
Things that makes life, things that keeps them alive,
” The sun’s reflection on your face is the warmest hug you can ever receive, the sunset makes the valueless time to be relived for few more seconds.To run during a mid-night in an open field as if  you’re  running away from all the bad deeds, and past memories that has been haunting  you till today, to see the stars that shines so bright. To feel the hills on your shoulder, it makes your life beautiful as it seems.

But all we care is the time that passes by and the things that lay unsettled and hidden.
we are all here preparing ourselves for a better tomorrow.We fall, we stumble,we get back again, we do everything that does not stop us, but we do nothing to keep us going either. In this competition of making things possible we lose the possibility of happiness, our thoughts are lost and so are we.


Beautifully chaotic mess.

one day the sun will shine on your balcony,the windows will have the curtains open and there you will smile and the morning , the time will all make sense

Your life indeed is an undeniable beautifully chaotic mess,

How beautiful it would be if people knew the happiness, if they knew what life is, only if they knew what  things they could make possible. But as always you and the world, who are known to things are always the ones who search for happiness, that hides right under your shelter.


(The emotionally drowned, secretly insecured and happily disappointed species.) 

                           “THEY HURT WHOM THEY LOVE THE MOST,


They like thrones but denies that  the flower can grow beautifully with the thrones,
confused ? Yes, because they like thrones, why ? Because  all u do is choose to get hurt, choose to be sad, hide happiness and enjoy grief in oneself, you choose the locked doors and closed curtains  and sometimes you even hate the fact that there is  still tomorrow.
you hurt yourself, not because you let the flower bloom without the thrones,but because   you like thrones.
But why and when will you stop and look for the good? when will you live a optimistic life, its not about when  and how you choose, its about what you choose,
will you choose to bloom ?


Acatalepsy of every broken and bent souls

So Confusing was the time
or the people,
The path or the Intent,
The emotion or the kilig,
the facts or the trumpery,
Acatalepsy of every,
broken and bent souls after all,
chocked up narcissism of chaotic hopes,
they define religion,
they define aesthetic,
follow atheism,
Disregard happiness,
humans do not swallow their pride,
Their cynics rules, over things
they do not define,
so confusing is the souls
or the heart,
The lies or the deception. Continue reading “Acatalepsy”