Indeed its Beautiful

Sunset (1)

Sometimes we are all so occupied,so much disturbed that we can’t really know what is affecting us, the change of time or the change of emotions, change of the words of adjectives that you have learned since the age of seven, this happiness you realize, the sadness and grief, the excitement and the overwhelming phases .
But do we really think of times that makes us Smile, and do we really fall for the skies?

We never feel that everything in this universe is making us Smile, helping us survive, creating arts on that sky, creating waves and tides on the sea,lifting that mountains just like the way it lifts every happy soul in this universe, it lifts lives that shines so bright.

To be happy all you need is a heart, a beautiful mind and a naive soul to take you to wanders, to take you to depth of love, to take you to the fantasies of your destiny. All you  need is you who make that happiness possible. Once in a while it is okay to forget all the things,to forget all  your pain, its okay to take a break and breathe the soothing air, to enjoy the serenity, to win at heart

To be happy you do not need things,or the perfectly timed situations, you need you and the happiness you choose.Sunset (2).jpg